Meet Your Provider


The talent, grace, attention to detail and sheer determination of every Solstice Pacific team member will not only surprise you, but help you find ease. Creating a team that is committed to do their own personal work (self-care including family, creative expression, rest, therapy and spiritual ties to mention a few) is fundamental to the founding of Solstice Pacific. When our cup runs over, we can better serve the community. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our providers. In the Solstice Pacific Family, everyone is trained to provide. Anticipating your needs shouldn't just happen when you go to a resort. It should be the heartbeat of healthcare. Delivering the best integrative psychiatric and neurological care is made possible through comprehensive on-boarding and training. But more, our combined emotional intelligence allows us to hold space, to connect and herein compassion is supplied without being self-serving or disingenuine. A team tethered by trust and a common core value moves mountains. Welcome to Solstice Pacific! The miles that led you to this moment are treasured by each provider, regardless of title or role. We are all here to serve you and to be a trauma informed witness to your preferences, strengths, needs, goals and abilities. 


Narges Maududi

Therapist and Case Manager

Narges completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience from George Mason University and earned a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Southern California. As a licensed clinician, Narges strives to create a safe environment that can both guide and nurture patients to thrive and overcome obstacles. Her holistic approach to customer service starts with listening and ends with listening. Narges believes that when patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion, they are empowered to draw on their own strengths and realize their full potential to live fulfilling, happy lives. She carries this philosophy into her practice. She believes that “healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires honest caring without judgment and needs to take place in a safe and holding environment.” Part of what marks Narges’ career in mental health is her experiences growing up in Afghanistan. She leads women, by example and evidence-based modalities to become whole, heard mothers, spouses and neighbors who look after each other - not just their own. Narges’s experience is from acute, severe, chronic or persistent conditions.


Brianna Riddlebarger

Physician Assistant

Brianna is a California native and has worked in healthcare since 2013. In her practice, she has consistently seen mental health to be the key to overall wellness. As a Board Certified Physician Assistant, Brianna integrates lifestyle, psychosocial factors, and other holistic interventions with conventional treatments to treat the whole person. Professionalism and empathy are her priorities in the vulnerable setting of psychiatric care. Pursuing psychiatric care can be difficult and scary. Brianna’s goal is to help each individual feel safe, welcome, valued, and capable of change. Brianna is also a teacher at heart and incorporates teaching in her sessions to help her patients understand more about their bodies and how they can heal.  She is driven by her own personal journey in integrative medicine, her own learning, and emotional healing. Brianna is a wife, mother, medical preceptor, and an adjunct instructor for local Physician Assistant programs. It is Brianna’s vision to ensure that Solstice Institute shapes minds and policies to ensure outcomes in psychiatric medicine.


Britten Devereux


Completing her Master of Science in Addiction Counseling concurrent to a role as Clinical Supervisor, then Managing Director, Britten ensures patients are treated with dignity and that care is tailored, time-bound and specific.“Individual mental health is the axis point to family stability, marketplace innovation and overall wellness.” As a Licensed Advanced Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Britten has her MAC from the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals and is committed to see staff and patients reach the goals they did not believe possible. You will often hear her talking about Solstice Pacific being the leading force to change the landscape of psychiatry. Combining services neurological, social and psychological, she educates families and clinicians to move from scarcity and deficits; what she calls a wasteland, to psychiatric care that is collaborative and strengths-based, what she calls a capital city. “This ultra personal space of the service sector demands innovation and hospitality. Given over time, generations not just individuals live a different narrative ... one of courage, health and connection.” With a background in business and change management, Britten’s leadership spans more than visionary or clinician, but getting results.


Dr. Randall Turner, DO


Dr. Randall Turner received his medical degree from TUNCOM in Nevada and completed his Psychiatry Residency training at Loma Linda University. He's board certified in Psychiatry and also in Addiction Medicine.He serves hospitals and institutions all over California. He has extensive experience with varied populations including geriatric psychiatry and addiction medicine across acute, subacute and everything after. He strives thoroughly to understand human psychology and psychopathology with a hope to relieve suffering and foster the growth of those he treats. Dr. Turner is a talented musician. In his spare he enjoys reading, bird watching, and traveling. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife and four children. Dr. Turner is a catalyst in Solstice’s growth, mission and quality.


Szu Yu Liu

Registered Dietician

Growing up, the relationship between eating well and physical health was always an unquestionable fact. Everyone was always looking for the "best" way to eat or the "best" body size. After entering college and learning more about the science behind food, I realized there was more to food and nutrition than physical health and that it greatly affects our mental health as well. Influences of society and social media have set unrealistic standards for people and may provide false information, causing many to have a negative relationship with food. I believe that a healthy relationship with food is an important part of living a happy, healthy life, and I want to be able to use my education and knowledge to highlight the importance of this. It is a pleasure to give full attention to patient's and their families. I make the most out of my time off work. I make sure to schedule time to spend with friends who are concerned with how I am doing, and time to enjoy activities that I like, ones that give me joy and comfort. I plan out my week to decrease the number of tasks I have to worry about on days that are busier, such as preparing ahead so I don't have to cook on nights that I am working late. Taking pauses and giving myself small breaks throughout the day, even if it is just a 30 second time frame to relax and breathe, also helps me make sure my own needs are met. Although I grew up in Asia, I have always been more used to American culture as most of my classmates were Americans who moved due to their parents' jobs. I felt out of place when I stepped outside my bubble of school, and had a hard time connecting with others. After attending college in the US at the University of Texas at Austin, I realized that there were also parts of the culture here that I was not used to. This led me to reflect on myself and what I was looking for, to acknowledge that instead of trying to fit in wherever I was I needed to understand my own values and parts of me that made me who I am.


RJ Crawford

Physician Assistant

I am a Board Certified Physician Assistant who has been working in healthcare since 2015. I’ve seen the importance of mental health to overall well being and I strive to provide holistic, patient centered care. I treat the family not just one person in it. I chose to work at Solstice Pacific because of their emphasis on collaboration, providing a safe and nurturing environment, caring for the whole person. Our goal to change the landscape of psychiatry means we are into the details, but it also helps me visualize the gold standard for healthcare. I want to continue to shape psychiatry by treating everyone with compassion, respect, and professionalism. Medication is one part, but lifestyle and routines are the core. I address all three in my practice of medicine. The decisions we make together will forever change how you see the world of possibilities.


Patricia Gail de Jesus

HR External Affairs Manager

I am an advocate for mental health. I am one instrument of peace for those who seek it, and I get to do this through using my skills in business. One of the many reasons I chose to work at Solstice, a place where I can feel comfort and at the same time, have a sense of purpose—to make this superior standard of care accessible to those who want more from life. I have pledged to give my all to my chosen profession, to put in my best effort, and to help others take flight because I love this side of the healthcare industry—it's where physical health and emotional wellness come together! It is my everyday intention to contribute to the development and precision of the Solstice Team. As the HR External Affairs Manager, I work on our digital platforms, public communique, regulatory affairs, financial analysis, key performance indicators and quality assurance.


Stephanie Hill

Clinical Supervisor

My life took an unexpected turn about nine years ago and I found myself moving out of the corporate business world and back into the classroom to become a certified substance abuse counselor. For six years I dedicated myself to working as a counselor and case manager supporting both adults and adolescents grappling with substance abuse issues. Throughout the last four years of that period I took on the role of coordinating an adolescent program within a drug and alcohol treatment facility. While my transition into the mental health field was unexpected, I truly believe that my role helping hurting soles is a part of my life’s purpose. My passion for helping others continues to grow daily, and I am filled with immense gratitude for the position in which I am entrusted. Currently I am pursuing an MSW degree, driven by a desire to broaden my scope of practice and provide even more assistance to the individuals in my care.. My drive to fight, and my hunger to grow, and improve and constantly learn has helped me through many significant challenges and traumas throughout my lifetime, and my experiences help me understand, support and empathize with the people that I am blessed to work with every day. My goal is to provide an ear to listen, a heart to empathize, a mind to understand and a spirit to gracefully challenge individuals on their recovery journey.