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Our Story

Pacific Solstice Behavioral Health Treatment Center is a collaboration of licensed mental health professionals with advanced graduate degrees who have decades of clinical experience in the fields of addiction, mental health and dual diagnosis.

We are a group of private practice mental health clinicians who have experienced frustrating challenges in making quality mental health and addiction treatment referrals for our clients who may require and would benefit from an intensive outpatient Behavioral Health Facility appropriately staffed to treat:

  • Mental Health Clients
  • Addicted Clients
  • Dual Diagnosis clients

The current state of affairs in the addiction treatment industry in southern California, as well as the few number of mental health intensive outpatient programs inspired us to create Pacific Solstice. We wanted to create an intensive outpatient program where we could treat the individual holistically and completely. At Pacific Solstice, we are committed to implementing an honest, ethical, and person-centered Outpatient Treatment Program.

We became therapists and drug and alcohol counselors because we love what we do. After decades of clinical experience and hard work, we are nourished and rewarded with even more energy, more passion, and more gratefulness that we actually get to live making a difference in a very real way.

We are uniquely qualified to offer a wide spectrum of evidence based mental health, addiction and substance abuse treatments to our clients, especially our dual diagnosis clients because we are:



Have Real Life Solutions

If you think you would benefit from a small confidential and discreet boutique behavioral health facility, would like to become part of our extended family and are comforted by the idea of being part of a collaborative run by licensed and caring mental health professionals, then give us a call today!