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How to Get Help Now

We strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction to get help immediately. To expedite the process, our substance abuse treatment admissions and intake process is simple and quick, and we will guide you through each step of the process in seeking help for your addiction. Whether you need detox, residential treatment, or you’re ready to be admitted to Pacific Solstice, we can expedite the process. We’ve made it easy to get started. Now, this is all you have to do to begin a life free of alcohol and drug addiction, build healthy relationships, pursue your college education, begin or return to your occupational career, let go of the past, and plan for tomorrow. You’ll notice the difference with our staff. They are caring and qualified licensed therapist with years of experience. Contact our admissions counselors, request to have your insurance verified or fill out our contact form. Here’s how:

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To make sure that the admissions process runs as smooth as possible, our specialist on the phone will ask you for permission to contact and verify your insurance company or you can request to pay privately.

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2. Insurance or Private Pay Information

We accept most major PPO health insurance plans. To make sure that your admission process runs as smooth as possible, our drug and alcohol intake counselors will ask for your permission to contact and verify your substance abuse treatment benefits. You also have an option to not use your insurance to guarantee complete privacy by paying privately.

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3. Screening

When you’re ready to begin treatment and admit yourself or someone else in treatment, a specialist will schedule a brief screening by phone to ensure our program is capable of meeting your needs. Be prepared to with the following information:

  • Employment and living arrangements
  • Services seeking
  • Presenting problem and reason for treatment now
  • Urgent critical care needs
  • Acute medical conditions
  • Abuse, neglect, and trauma issues
  • Substance abuse history
  • Previous addiction treatment
  • Current symptoms and areas of significant distress
  • Mental health history and previous treatment
  • Active medications
  • Current legal issues

We can usually have all of your paperwork completed within 48 hours, and you’ll be starting treatment. Your individualized program will consist of individual therapy sessions, group education and process, spiritual guidance, appropriate referrals to our networking partners for special needs such as detox and medication management, and much more. Don’t put your life off another day. Call Admission and Intake Counselors at Pacific Solstice today | (949) 200-7929.