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Art Therapy


Art therapy at Pacific Solstice Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center is utilized for addicts and alcohol/substance abusers because it provides them with ways to understand, cope and express their addiction. Art therapy helps our addicted and drug abusing clients practice introspection and healthy coping skills, as well as can be a great way for an addict to explore aspects of his/her life that he might not be able to explain in a verbal way. Art therapy works well to help an addict work through the experiences, emotions, and issues that have led to the addiction. addiction. It provides him/her a safe place to communicate thoughts and feelings without using standard conversation, and it can therefore be a refreshing change for someone who is looking for something different than standard talk therapy. When done in a group setting, art therapy can also help people going through drug and alcohol addiction treatment grow closer and better understand each other’s experiences and feelings. At Pacific Solstice, we encourage art therapy for many of our rehab clients because it is a powerful tool to supplement traditional talk therapy.

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