Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Detoxification Arrangements

  • Customized Live-In Residential Care

  • Outpatient Day Treatment (PHP)

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • Family Therapy Programs

  • Pre-Treatment Family Interventions

Core Addiction Programs

All of our drug and alcohol treatment programs at Pacific Solstice’s substance abuse and recovery center are tailored to individualized needs of you or your loved one. However, our Orange County Rehab specializes in Young Adults and Working Professionals. Our person-centered addiction and mental health treatment approach combines sessions for individuals, groups and families sessions, education classes, including Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy, and other recovery activities. Our therapists are advanced mental health practitioners and highly trained experts in the field of mental health and addictive disorders. This means you and your family can rest assured that your loved one is in the finest care of competent and ethical professionals.

Detoxification Services

Unfortunately, a high percentage of today’s addicted population are self-medicating with drugs such as alcohol, opiates, and xanex. Drug use factors such as a.) duration of use b.) quantity c.) frequency, and polysubstance abuse are reviewed during a thorough screening assessment prior to admission to assess the need for detoxification. The purpose of detox is to exam the client’s health and mental status, and subsequently stabilize cognitively, emotionally, and physically. An individual cannot participate in treatment until the physiological pain of withdrawal is resolved. We understand this all too well and arrange for our clients’ residential detoxification before entering treatment at Pacific Solstice. Our Quality Provider Network includes the same physician, electronic health records system, and medical billing team. We’ve designed a system that allows the network, with the consent of our client, to fluidly share daily information about progress, concerns, transition / discharge plans, and health insurance information. Upon discharge from detox, the facility operation coordinators communicate with each other and to the network’s insurance authorization team to approve admission to Pacific Solstice where our staff begin treating the psychological issues that led to and continue the cycle of addiction.

PHP / Day Treatment

Partial Hospitalization, also known as Day Treatment is designed for individuals that need less structure than a Residential Treatment Program and more structure than an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) alone. This program operates five (5) days per week Monday through Friday for six (6) hours per day. Individuals seeking this level of care are either transitioning from detox or residential treatment, or seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction for the first time. Participants of this program will reside at home, own a vehicle for transportation, and are generally responsible enough to meet their schedule. This individual will usually occupy the evenings by attending 12-Step or Faith-Based community support groups and the family and/or significant other is involved in the treatment program by attending weekly family education groups to learn about the family disease, how to be supportive without enabling, and understanding the meaning of a structured supportive recovery living environment. Being that 90% of the clinical staff at Pacific Solstice are Doctorate and Masters licensed Marriage and Family therapist, the family gets helps too. We understand the the turmoil, stress, and pain experienced by the family member and encourage help for them as well.

Integrative Outpatient with Transitional Living

Our PHP-Day Treatment integrated with Transitional Living provides a “residential treatment” feel. It is a live-in program, but with less restrictions than a true residential facility. It is idea for the motivated Young Adult between the age of 18 – 28 years old, and considered as one of our speciality programs. The program is identical in clinical service delivery as our PHP-Day Treatment Program, only includes a more comprehensive live-in recovery environment. Pacific Solstice provides support and structure by utilizing our Quality Provider Network to offer a much higher quality living environment compared to a typical sober living. We refer this setting as Transitional Living. Our clients are expected to follow the guidelines of the residence, participate in evening and weekend recovery activities, and transported to our treatment center Monday through Friday. Residence staff communicate to clinical staff daily about client behavior, attitude, motivation, and concerns that may otherwise be overlooked during the day. The program operates in unison and can easily be compared to most Orange County Residential Treatment programs. This arrangement makes Pacific Solstice accessible to individuals from anywhere in the U.S. who are seeking longer term treatment stays.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed for another speciality recovery group known as The Working Professionals Program. This group will typically consist of adults 28+ years old, motivated in their recovery, living at home with their family, and focusing on their career with work or college. Our IOP allows for and supports continued employment / school as a major life goal in the treatment plan. Therefore, our IOP group, individual, and family therapy sessions are customized to our clients’ work schedule. This program offers services three (3) days per week for three (3) hours per day. In addition, IOP serves as a step-down in treatment intensity for our clients transitioning from our PHP-Day Treatment program. The new clients tend to be inspired by their new peers and gain confidence in securing employment or enrolling in college. Pacific Solstice prides itself in the quality and effectiveness of its array of clinical services offered to persons and their families suffering from alcoholism, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. We welcome you to contact us for more information on scheduling admission for yourself or loved one. Please don’t delay. There is a short window of opportunity when the disease is vulnerable and that’s the time to take advantage by getting help. The moment when even the slightest motivation for help is present and denial and other defenses are down is the time to call.

Quality Provider Network

Pacific Solstice is Certified by the Department of Health Care Services as an Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program. As expert client-centered clinicians, we embrace the concept of “full continuum of care,” in other words, an integrated system of care that guides and tracks client services over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels of intensity of care. To accomplish this, we aligned our services with local addiction treatment and substance abuse treatment providers who meet our organization’s standards in ethics, qualifications, and competency. We refer to this collaboration as our Quality Provider Network. The mission is to set new standards of ethics, integrity, competency, and quality of care for the addiction treatment industry.

Our network consists of small, easy to monitor and manage, drug addiction and alcohol Detoxification, Substance Abuse Residential Treatment, PHP-Day Treatment for drug and alcohol recovery, and Intensive Outpatient Addiction Programs, including Transitional Living homes that all share the same third-party resources/services that meet the intent of the network’s platinum recovery standards, such as Electronic Health Records system, insurance Utilization Review and Medical Billing services, and U.A. Toxicology Services. As clients’ transition through their the span of addiction treatment within our network, the oversight of their recovery is constant. Meaning providers within the network share client progress and challenges for the next program to address. Our Board-Certified Psychiatrist begins monitoring client care from day one, despite the entry level of treatment, and remains with the client until discharge, reinforcing the concept of “Full Continuum of Care.” Unlike many treatment centers, this is not a system of referrals or a Corporate Model rehab. The members of our network consists of a small percentage of genuine quality service providers linked together by a common thread of integrity and ethics. The network functions and operates as one noncompetitive thread woven into a common goal to to meet the needs of those we serve. In addition, each provider is held accountable to strict guidelines. Families and their loved ones can rest assured that the quality of care, ethics, trustworthiness, and integrity is the driving force of our programs. This arrangement of providers makes it possible to reach local and out-of-state consumers. One call to Pacific Solstice begins the process of treatment coordination to meet the needs of those we serve. We arrange everything!

Young Adults Addiction Rehab

Young Adult Program

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in young adults has many barriers. For most, the human brain is not fully formed until 25 years of age. When years of alcohol, drugs, and other substance abuse or chemical dependency has been present during the brain’s formative years, the human brain’s development can be severely affected. Many addicted young adults need a substance abuse treatment rehab with a higher level of care to treat their abuse, addiction, and root causes of WHY the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction continue. They need more intensive and structured treatment to learn how to live in this world as a sober adult. They also need more time to learn how to truly live in recovery and how to apply new life coping skills, including having fun, returning to work/school and form health relationships. At Pacific Solstice Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center, we know how to assist our young adults with the essential coping and life skills necessary to gradually transition back to the community without compromising their recovery.


Working Professionals Addiction Recovery Program

Although we often feel often that an addict attempting to recover from the disease of addiction deserves an inpatient or residential alcohol and drug rehab and respite from their normal lives during early recovery. However, the truth is not every addict can participate in or even afford a 28-day or longer stay in a residential substance abuse treatment program or inpatient hospital away from work and home. Many times, an adult with a career and/or family simply does not have the option of taking a month or two away to focus all their time and attention on their drug and alcohol treatment. Provided an individual is seeking treatment for the first time, addiction to alcohol and drugs is assessed to be mild to moderate, and the individual is motivated, our Intensive Outpatient Program may be the solution to avoid the spiraling fall down the demoralizing path of addiction. In addition, for those recovering persons who have already started their uplifting journey in recovery by participating in an inpatient, residential, Day-Treatment program, outpatient care is a component of a full continuum of care program that guides persons through the transition of sheltered 24/7 supervised care by offering a safety net where commitment to recovery, well being, and community responsibilities are effectively balanced to prevent relapse or offer a rapid bounce back to a program of recovery that softens the impact of feelings of guilt, shame, failure, and embarrassment should a relapse occur. Outpatient aftercare programs generally continue about 90 days after primary care residential. The program is idea for those returning to work or school due to its flexibility in scheduling.


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Family Systems Therapy Program

At Pacific Solstice Addiction Treatment Center, we are strong believers in Family Systems Therapy.

In systemic thinking, many individual components are both directly and indirectly connected to each other. Therefore, what happens to one party, affects all the other parties that are interconnected. All the interconnected entities create what we call a system. This has both positive, and negative attributes…


Innovative Treatments for Addictions

At Pacific Solstice Addiction Treatment Center, we not only rely on evidence based treatments to heal the symptoms and sources of addiction, but we also rely heavily on innovative treatments. We are extremely proud that we have on our full time clinical staff, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for trauma) trained clinicians. Our clinicians are so successful that they have been contracted out by other rehabs in Orange County to provide their EMDR treatment.


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