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Working Professionals Program

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Addiction Treatment for Working Professionals

Run by Working Professionals Who Understand
When you need help right now, but taking time away for residential treatment just isn't possible. We are here to help!



Pacific Solstice is a sophisticated, evidence-based, premier treatment facilitated by the industry’s best mental health and addiction professionals.

We provide:
  • Dual Diagnosis with a Strong Mental Health Focus
  • Afternoon and Evening Programs in Small Group Settings
  • Customizable and Flexible Scheduling
  • Luxurious, High-End Facility with People Just Like You
  • Complete Confidentiality

image for Working Professionals ProgramBuilding upon the strengths our clients already possess, we provide treatment for adults with a career and/or family that positively will impact treatment from his or her addiction. Simply taking a respite from one’s life and entering a residential environment for treatment often is not an option, and more importantly does not build upon one’s strengths. We know that many addicts have aspects of their lives that work well and we want to build upon the great things in them and around them.

At Pacific Solstice Treatment Centers, we offer a less intensive level treatment program for the working professional that allows for time with family, friends, and work. Not only is this treatment plan delivered in a manner with the working professional in mind, it is also completely customizable in regards to the clients schedule of availability. Lunch break, evenings, or even weekends are all available options that can be accommodated. It is in this way that the client is able to maintain his/her normal life routine and responsibilities while fully participating in her/his recovery. And of course, this outpatient treatment (IOP) is often warranted at a later stage of recovery for individuals who had the opportunity to graduate from our full-time program (PHP-Partial Hospitalization Program).

As our working professional, you will be assigned to one of our mental health professionals who specialize in addictions. This therapist will be carefully matched to fully fit your specific needs, personality, and style. The majority of your treatment will be with this clinician, who will guide you through the stages of recovery. This level of personalized attention is particularly well-suited for the accomplished individual who has already developed her/his own persona in both family and profession. In this situation, it is of great importance that there be a natural fit and level of comfort and respect between the clinician and the client.

Although we are still strong advocates of every client being entitled to have both the time and space to fully dedicate themselves to their recovery, we fully acknowledge the real world realities that many of our working professionals find themselves. Therefore, our treatment is completely confidential, works with your schedule, and accommodates the responsibilities of family.

And speaking of family…

Although you can learn more about our family program on the family program page, we do want to stress the importance of the entire nuclear family system participating in treatment. Your individual and private treatment can be easily complemented with some couples or even family sessions that would be provided by a separate clinician. Our goal is to develop separate, yet, collaborative family/addict treatment plans as an effective means to treatment.

This way, we build and maintain a strong and impenetrable wall between the individual and personal work that the recovering addict will be enjoying and the collaborative treatment sessions that can occur either simultaneously or later, with another family member and another lead therapist, who has specific training couples/family therapy.

When you need help right now, but taking time away for residential treatment just isn't possible. We are here to help!