Eating Disorder Treatment


There’s a misperception that only women struggle with eating disorders. The fact is, one in three people with an eating disorder is male. Yet men are less likely to seek treatment. Solstice Pacific serves adult men and women with eating disorders, including excessive exercise or orthorexia. Here, patients feel a freedom to discuss the underlying pain so they can scale heights in their overall health.

Men face unique challenges when it comes to identifying, understanding, and getting help for eating disorders. Eating disorders are more likely to be misdiagnosed or even missed altogether in men. Though boys and men face the same pressures to achieve an ideal body image, they also face the stigma that comes with having a disorder that’s typically associated with women and that requires psychological treatment.

With specialized expertise in treating eating disorders through eastern and western medicine, our licensed clinicians work with patients to redefine the hues of femininity, masculinity, image, spirituality and emotional regulation. Our outpatient treatment center in Orange County takes you through a gender-sensitive approach that recognizes and responds to your needs. Here, men and women feel more comfortable about seeking