Medication Assisted Recovery


Solstice also offers:

  • Adolescent Academy for Teens, paired with PHP then IOP to help regain stability and functionality, regardless of the diagnosis; and
  • Outpatient Care at our facilities in Mission Viejo and Irving, Texas.

One Step Ahead

We are far above average when it comes to treating Diabetes alongside Alcoholism. Our integrative healthcare solutions not only can help you prevent Diabetes from advancing, but we can help prevent Type 2 Diabetes if your pancreas is already making more insulin than you need. Prediabetes increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 Diabetes. If you experience alcohol cravings or withdrawal, we can help. At Solstice Pacific, our approach to functional medicine is to treat both your physical health and your emotional, mental and social needs. Every month we enroll a new group for our targeted care, treating you as a whole person while maximizing your comfort in the change process. Our Alcohol + Diabetes Care Program includes therapy, MAT, counseling, psychiatric medicine, nutritional care, group work and iOS or Android based interactive work. The purpose of our combined service is to treat your immediate needs for routine and comfort, while building your immune system, and combating triggers without shocking your mind and body to the point of overwhelm. When the immune system is nurtured alongside everyday behaviors, resilience and wellness increase. Together, these allow you to get back to the things that fulfill you while growing in relationship with loved ones.

Facing Alcohol Dependence with Professionals

Chronic disease haunts millions of Americans. Our interdisciplinary treatment team makes recovery and health possible with simple, achievable goals while celebrating each victory. According to the Center for Disease Control, "6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease and 4 in 10 have 2 or more chronic diseases and 1 in 10 deaths are associated with excessive alcohol use."  Dependence and the agitation or anxiety related to thoughts of lessening or quitting are overwhelming to face alone. Excessive alcohol use alongside symptoms of Diabetes will not only impact your wallet, academics, or career, but most importantly, your relationships. The core value at Solstice Pacific is family. When MAT and integrative care meet, lives change for long term quality not short term escape. Our Team of professionals will help you create the treatment plan that brings life into your years. Call (949) 200-7929 to learn more about detox, treatment and family care. Detox is available at Solstice Southwest, our facility located in Irving, Texas.

Our commitment to mental health support is demonstrated by our facilities being accessible in multiple locations—

  • Mission Viejo, California
  • San Clemente, California
  • Fresno, California
  • Irving, Texas

Alcohol + Diabetes Care Program is offered in english and spanish.