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The psycho-educational treatment at Pacific Solstice for alcohol and drug abuse is designed to enhance knowledge regarding addiction and recovery. During this early period in recovery, many substances abusing and dependent clients experience post acute withdrawal symptoms, struggle with their motivation to change, and are only beginning to abstain from substances. Therefore, of course, they need support and encouragement, but they also need the information about addiction and recovery in the form of structured and formalized education.

Our psychoeducational sessions are designed to provide clients with relatively frequent, supportive contact with counselors and experts in the addiction field, and other men and women in recovery. Our sessions also introduce clients to key concepts about addiction and the recovery process; help clients understand how they may set themselves up to relapse and how to avoid setting themselves up; and help clients develop strategies to reduce their relapse risk.

The psychoeducational program at Pacific Solstice helps empower addicts to establish and maintain abstinence, develop a sense of personal responsibility for their recovery, develop supportive interpersonal relationships, and continue participating in a self-help program such as AA, NA, CA, or other support groups.


  • Symptoms of Substance Abuse, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • The Process of Sobriety and Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Identifying Triggers & Managing Cravings: Internal and External
  • Relationships in Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Self-Help Groups- 12 Step Introduction
  • Establishing a Support System in Recovery from Addiction
  • Managing Feelings in Recovery from Addiction
  • Coping With Guilt and Shame from Addiction
  • Warning Signs of Relapse from Addiction
  • Coping With High-Risk Situations for Addicts and Abusers
  • Maintaining Recovery outside rehab

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