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Somatic Experiencing


At the heart of addiction for many addicts is traumatic stress. The cycle of feeling stuck, and hence repeating, energy consuming survival states of fight, flight or freeze. These states are easily triggered and are dissociative in nature making it hard to remain in the present (the here and now). Thus, at our rehab we look for ways to avoid, check out, deny, distract, or numb ourselves.

One of our views and solutions of addiction at Pacific Solstice Treatment Center is the orientation to the present moment, including the sensorial experience of the present moment. We can direct your attention to the sobering reality of the present moment through your senses, and away from the addictive flooding of painful feelings, thoughts, and/or sensations left over from past trauma.

Part of our treatment for addiction at Pacific Solstice is utilizing Somatic Experiencing therapy and techniques is to create a greater relaxed state of the mind and body. Paying attention to and soothing your sensorial experience in connection with your surroundings, you will be better able to assess your true safety. Increasing your capacity for identifying current safety shields you from the cycle of over hyper-awareness that is triggered and left over from your traumatic memory. Sometimes subtle triggers of repeating flashback material from trauma are one of the elements that is at the root of addiction. With drug and alcohol treatment utilizing Somatic Experiencing, we can develop for you an ever greater awareness of the safety, wholeness, and sobering relaxation available in the present moment. This will allow you a unique new advantage point and perspective of the emotional pain of your past.

Goals of Somatic Experiencing Therapy for Addicts

  • Recognize and gain distance from your own unique reaction patterns under stress.
  • Discover kind ways of settling your internal distress.
  • Creating a lasting and ever increasing sense of balance, ease, and internal resource to manage daily stress.
  • Rid yourself of your triggers of extreme stress and the resulting survival evoked flashbacks of extreme stress states.

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