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Unique Individuals, Unique Treatments

Because our substance abuse and alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs utilizes experienced mental health professionals who have advanced graduate degrees from leading colleges and universities and who are registered/licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, we are uniquely qualified to offer a wide spectrum of evidence based addiction and substance abuse treatments to our clients, especially our dual diagnosis clients.

We are quite passionate about utilizing a wide range of personally tailored addiction treatment plans. We are absolutely committed to listening to our clients and their families who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. We offer real life achievable solutions each individualized to the specific needs of those we serve. Even though our clients, in the end, know what does and doesn’t work for them, we are here to offer early recovery and aftercare skills based on research and decades of experience in the addictions field. As experienced clinicians, we have many decades of experience working with many manifestations of addiction and are able to work with addicts in recovery who are dually diagnosed and also experiencing a mental health issue that is complicating their recovery program, such as co-occurring mood disorders and chronic medical conditions.

As licensed mental health professionals, our job is to introduce our clients and their families to different forms of recovery, techniques and strategies to cope with stress, education about the social and medical consequences of addiction, and relapse prevention plans to prepare for potential relapse. Our comprehensive program works collaboratively and incorporates the client informing us about strength, needs, preferences, and what works best for him/her. Our clinicians are qualified mental health and addiction experts. Many rehabs utilize a higher ratio of certified addiction counselors and even counselor interns otherwise known as Case Managers to Licensed Mental Health professionals. Due to differences in scope of practice of a counselor versus a mental health therapist, a low ratio of psychotherapy to counseling exists. We believe it is significantly important to employ addiction counselors, however, Pacific Solstice will only utilize certified addiction counselors with extensive experience and training in mental health.

At Pacific Solstice, we are Orange County’s Premier Addiction Treatment Center because we employ an extremely high ratio of “Licensed” mental health clinicians (LCSW, LMFT) with master’s degrees and doctoral degrees registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), including Board-Certified Psychiatrists consistent with medical necessity guidelines of the insurance companies we do business with. To meet the needs of a complex population of admissions to addiction treatment programs, the former social model (non-medical) service delivery system is rapidly transitioning to a medical model where licensed health professionals are mandated by insurance payers. To the consumer, this means clinical and medical service delivery is provided to you and/or your loved one by clinicians accountable to higher standards than that of certifying bodies. Licensed therapists are regulated by the Board of Behavioral Health and Board of Psychology. Pacific Solstice is well aware of the industry trend. We provide intensive psychotherapy sessions as the bulk of our treatment to address the underlying issues that are keeping one stuck in his/her addiction. We can honestly, without exaggeration, make the statement that we are genuine healthcare professionals and our treatment program is a qualified Addiction Treatment and Co-occurring disorders substance abuse treatment center as defined by SAMHSA’s (Society of Addiction and Mental Health Services Administration) definition Dual-Capable treatment program.

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) recognizes there are many different pathways to alcohol and addiction recovery and each individual determines his or her own way. SAMHSA engaged in a dialogue with consumers, persons in recovery, family members, advocates, policy-makers, administrators, providers, and others to develop the following definition and guiding principles for…Read more »

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Dual Diagnosis

At the Pacific Solstice Treatment Center, we are licensed experts in co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders, also known as Dual Diagnosis. Unlike many treatment facilities that freely advertise their capability, we are appropriately staffed with “licensed” healthcare professionals and equipped to work with clients that suffer from complex addictions and mental health disorders as… Read more »

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Our resources page is a dynamic list updated monthly with recovery-related contacts. Our philosophy is to share access to services that may be helpful to those we serve or for others simply browsing our site.