Performance Psychology Clinic


At Solstice Pacific, our biggest priority is determining how we can be the biggest support to our community. This not only includes serving those  suffering from mental illness, but helping others to prevent reaching that point. We realize that our work force and economic pressures can take a toll on our mental and physical health. Whether it is dealing with fatigue, difficulty focusing, mental fog, poor nutrition, striking a work-life balance, it is important to take advantage of the resources available and find support.  Stress does not have the last word. In fact, sometimes stress is a gift. It points us to a new resource that results in permanent life changing benefits. 

Solstice Pacific is helping our local business professionals prevent burnout, optimize health naturally, and improve overall productivity. We are offering services to our neighboring employers, business owners, and employees in leadership in the form of day clinics twice per week in the evening. These clinics include issue processing with like-minded professionals (guided by a clinician), group sessions on self-care, navigating conflict in the workplace, and other business-specific discussions. Medical evaluations are available with a practitioner for psychiatric medication or holistic and lifestyle guidance. Our niche is creating and strengthening family. Sometimes these clinics are the first support group a person will forge around professional impasses, mental anguish, physical impact of stress or questions about how to achieve better neurological performance. Issue processing creates a family, while raising the bar in your professional achievement.

Functional/holistic medicine is especially important for preventing chronic illness related to long-term stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and other inflammatory conditions. There's no doubt that such lifestyle changes can change the way that the brain functions in the thousands of small decisions that currently shape your lifestyle.

For optimal performance, professionals can also receive MeRT treatment. MeRT is well-studied to help with both chronic neuropsychiatric conditions, as well as to aid in general cognition and efficiency. 4-6 weeks of MeRT can result in sharper feeling overall, better processing and memory, coordination and spatial awareness, repair to conscious or unconscious trauma and simply put ... more efficient neurological connections. In many cases, we apply a non-pharmaceutical approach to your performance and the trajectory of your personal and professional life will increase as a result of our functional approach to your physical, social, mental and emotional needs. 

Contact admissions now to see what options are available this month. When you string together what seems like small decisions to create some big moments, we think that's a wonder. All of our program participants have one thing in common, become my best self today, not tomorrow.