Military and Veterans Grief, Loss and Anxiety Treatment


Not all wounds are visible. The men and women who serve in our military branches often return from service carrying the wounds and scars of trauma — not just of the body but of the mind.

As family systems clinicians, we are strong believers in treating the entire family when possible. We feel all members of the family have served, and have been directly affected as well. We often see symptomology in the connected family members as well as the service man or woman. Therefore, we are passionate about treating all members of the military family.

Solstice Pacific is a primary mental health treatment facility. Although one of our specialties is chemical dependency, we treat this under the larger umbrella of trauma care. All of our masters level clinicians have advanced graduate degrees, and are licensed with the state of California.

Unfortunately, many of our citizens have forgotten or are unaware of the long term aftereffects for the 1% that have served for the rest of us. We have never forgotten and are very aware. It is our proudest achievement to be able to provide competent and ethical services to our military community.

Thank you all for your contribution and service!


Our commitment to mental health support is demonstrated by our facilities being accessible in multiple locations—

  • Mission Viejo, California
  • San Clemente, California
  • Fresno, California
  • Irving, Texas