Treatment of ADD and ADHD


Attention Span Deficit and Hyperactivity are given specialty treatment plans at Solstice Pacific. The fabric of these services is in our integrative suite of care: mind, body and spirit. More specifically, we create a nutritional matrix that primes your body to adapt, repair and literally feed better processing and coping. Nutrition is the foundation of healing these disorders. Then, comes circadian rhythm retraining, exercise, pharmacology, group work and therapy. You will notice relief farther down the road with this integrative, functional approach. But, the time, education and self-acceptance are well worth it. Individuals who are successfully treated for ADD and ADHD are less likely to develop a process anxiety, phobia, failure to launch or obesity.

Solstice Pacific is the leading provider in California for ADD and ADHD because MeRT℠ is combined with emotional intelligence work, therapy and community. This approach helps the brain function optimally by resetting brain waves. This treatment has been proven to be beneficial according to several studies. If you are interested in knowing what to expect and the results of therapy, we will do our best to explain. We help demystify the messages you might have received over the years. To appreciate your intellect, personality, history and ideas, we provide screening and assessment all throughout your treatment. In other words, the more you reveal yourself, the safer and more comfortable you become.

We are a team experienced in scaling barriers, but we do not used a linear approach. Our clinic is known for its relational, down-to-earth professional care. Chances are, we can learn a lot from you. That is trauma informed care. When you are the pilot, you take risks. Getting to know us is one. We are in this together. Lets build your health and well-being today. Call (949) 200-7929.